Охранный крейсер "Медведь" (cutter "Bear").

Экспедиция Грили. 1884г.
Title: Greely Relief Expedition Collection
Caption: Collection Photo # NHF-043-A.01: USS Thetis, USS Bear, and the whaler Arctic at the entrance to Kingitok Harbor.
Description: 317 black and white and sepia photographs mounted on cardboard, showing the 1884 U.S. Navy expedition, led by Captain Winfield Schley, to rescue the stranded U.S. Army mission exploration mission commanded by Lieutenant Adolphus W. Greely, the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition. Ships seen include USS Thetis, USS Bear, USS Alert, Loch Garry, as well as numerous whalers. Many locations in Greenland, Newfoundland, and New Hampshire, with dramatic ice and snow landscapes. Good images of local population. Views of equipment used in the expedition, in particular various types of sleds. Much of this imagery overlaps with the USN 900000 series. Some photos have also been assigned NH numbers.