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Биричи. Павел и Елена. Бегство с Анадыря...

Шхуна "Бендер Бразерс", на которой Биричи 15 июля 1920г. уплыли с Анадыря в Ном
Бендер Бразерс 2

Шхуна принадлежала Торговому дому "Виттенберг и Сайденверг". В воспоминаниях А.И.Караева шхуна имеет второе название "Сильвер белл".

Запрос с Нома о пассажирах "Бендер Бразерс".
Бендер Бразерс

Из газеты "Орегон Ньюс".

SEATTLE, Wash.. Nov. 25. The
power schooner Bender Bros., known
as the "ship that always comes back,"
is -in port now. being overhauled in
preparation for a voyage next year
to the Arctic regions. She has just
returned from a 16.000-mile voyage
that began last April and took her
along the Siberian coast from Petro
pavlovsk to Anadyr, thence to Nome,
where Ice conditions halted her ef
forts to get into the Arctic.
The vessel is used as a trader by
a Seattle firm and departed northward
April 14. She arrived at Petropav
lovsk the middle of May after a 27
day run. The bolshevik! had control
of the Kamchatka port at that time,
and two red guard boarded the Ben
der Bros, and remained on the vessel
for several weeks.
Then a Russian volunteer fleet
steamship arrived fronr Vladivostok
with representatives of the Vladi
vostok government, who ousted the
rprla fpnm ennt ml anil tnnlf over the
port. On the way home from Bering ' commission are employed on channe
strait the Bender Bros, made a sec-
ond call at Fetropavlovsk, arriving i
there last month, and the Vladivostok
government seemed to be firmly es
tablished in control of the Kamchat
ka peninsula.
The Japanese had a 7000-ton war
ship in Fetropavlovsk and also an
8000-ton transport. Both ships, it
was stated, would remain there all
winter. Other Japanese warships,
including a number of destroyers, are
scattered along; the Kamchatka coast,
protecting the Japanese concessions,
the men on the Bender Bros, re
ported. After the first visit to Fetropav
lovsk the schooner continued north
along the Bering sea shores of Si
beria, trading .at the villages and out
posts for fur's and other products.
She arrived at Anadyr July 15, being
the first vessel of the year to put
into that roadstead. From Anadyr
the Bender Bros, carried eight Rus
sian refugees to Nome
and then headed for the Arctic ocean. Ice halted
the cruise.
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